How To Plan Ahead When Throwing A Summer Bash For The Neighborhood Children


Are you planning a summer party for the neighborhood children? You've probably decided to go all out to make sure the children living in the neighborhood can have a lot of fun hanging out together, enjoying good food, and doing fun things that will keep them entertained for several hours. If you're in the middle of the planning process, there are some things you should include to ensure the day goes smoothly for everyone.

9 June 2018

Preparing For The Worst: A Guide To Rain-Proofing Your Outdoor Wedding


Holding your wedding outdoors is a great way to bring the beauty of nature into the ceremony and reception. But then there's the age-old question: what if it rains? You can't stop the clouds from letting loose on your wedding day, but there are plenty of ways to be prepared for the possibility of rain and ensure that if it does come down, your wedding is still a beautiful experience.

24 September 2017

Planning A Big Family Reunion? 4 Must-Do's To Save Your Sanity


Planning a family reunion is an opportunity to have fun with your loved ones and to discover new facets of those you may not know well yet. But, it can require a little more than the standard party planning process in order to ensure everyone has a great time.  If you're responsible for your family reunion, here are 4 things you should be sure to do in addition to the normal plans:

23 September 2017

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Team-Building Event


Can team-building events really help your workforce pull together and become more productive? Some prominent companies have seen great success with team-building exercises, especially those that have a large number of Millennials in their workforce. More than 60% of respondents to one survey replied that team-building activities were frequently or very frequently authentic and meaningful, and Millennials especially were most likely to say that team-building activities helped to retain talent. Understanding how team building works to improve your workforce can help you plan an event that will be more meaningful for your team.

1 September 2017