3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Team-Building Event


Can team-building events really help your workforce pull together and become more productive? Some prominent companies have seen great success with team-building exercises, especially those that have a large number of Millennials in their workforce. More than 60% of respondents to one survey replied that team-building activities were frequently or very frequently authentic and meaningful, and Millennials especially were most likely to say that team-building activities helped to retain talent. Understanding how team building works to improve your workforce can help you plan an event that will be more meaningful for your team. Take a look at some strategies that can help you get the most out of a team-building event.

Choose an Event That Meets Your Goals

Team-building events should be fun, but it's important to remember that in order to actually help improve your workforce, the event needs to be fun with a purpose. You should set specific goals for your employees that you want to work on in the context of this team-building event. Do you want to improve communication between departments? Encourage relationship building between the employees of two companies that have recently merged? Improve time-management skills?

The newest or trendiest type of team-building activity may not be the one that best helps your workers meet their specific goals. For example, a cooking event might be a good creative way for your employees to practice time management, but if you're more interested in encouraging your workers to brainstorm effectively, a puzzle or mystery-solving event might be a better choice. Look for events that meet your workforce's needs.

Divide Your Group into Small, Diverse Teams

It's possible to have a good team-building event experience with a large group of workers, but you'll need to divide the team into smaller groups. A team-building event will be most effective if everyone is engaged. The larger the teams, the less likely it is that everyone's input will be needed for the team to succeed.

If you're planning on an event with a large group, be prepared to break the group down into small teams, and make sure that the teams are diverse. For example, if your event includes employees from four different departments, divide them into teams of four or eight, with one or two workers from each department on each team. That way, the teams are small enough that everyone has to participate, and members of each department are necessary for success.

Follow Up After the Event

You want your event to be a meaningful experience with lasting effects, not a lost weekend. Therefore, it's important to follow up after the event. After the event, make sure to take the time for a discussion about what your group experienced and what they learned during the event. Some team-building event organizers offer facilitators for this purpose after the event.

Once you're back at the office, you might want to solicit feedback from your employees about their experiences and impressions of the event. Make sure that your employees can give anonymous feedback if they choose so that you'll receive candid answers. You can use that information to help you plan better events in the future. You'll also want to make sure to track your employee's progress in the goals that you set for the event. For example, if you wanted to improve communication between departments, find out if it's improved a week after the event. Then check in again a month later, or three months later. Is it still improving? Has there been backsliding? This information can help you understand what you need to do to maintain and solidify your progress.

With proper planning and monitoring, a team-building event can be fun for your workforce and can help address problems that you may have been experiencing in the company culture. Look for team-building event organizers at companies like CoCo Events in your area to help meet the needs of your company. 


1 September 2017

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