Planning A Big Family Reunion? 4 Must-Do's To Save Your Sanity


Planning a family reunion is an opportunity to have fun with your loved ones and to discover new facets of those you may not know well yet. But, it can require a little more than the standard party planning process in order to ensure everyone has a great time. 

If you're responsible for your family reunion, here are 4 things you should be sure to do in addition to the normal plans:

Rent Additional Seating. Inviting a lot of family members of different generations to an extended, multi-day event means ensuring they're all comfortable. If you have any older relatives, it's a good idea to rent additional tables and chairs to make sure no one has to stand too long at any time. And, while it may seem logical to rent tables and chairs for the big central party, consider renting them for the entire time span so that you can use them in different venues and whenever someone needs a little extra help.

Designate Contacts. Rather than try to deal with everyone individually, designate family or small group contacts. Make your arrangements with this specific person and let them be responsible for working things out within their assigned family unit. This will help you avoid having the same repeated conversations with more people and save you a lot of time in coordinating things like travel, lodging, and dietary needs. 

Provide Lots of Options. If the extended family members haven't spent a lot of time with each other, being together for an entire weekend may be too much all at once. In fact, it may be too much even if they're all well acquainted. For this reason, it's a good idea to plan some optional activities for people's downtime. This could be as simple as creating a map with some local restaurants, antique shops, coffee places, walking trails, or live music venues. If possible, have one or two local family members agree to lead a few group activities, such as a walking tour of downtown or a local historical building. This takes the onus off you and gives everyone a distraction from their concerns. 

Get Out of the House. If you're arranging a local reunion in your home area, avoid the temptation to have the gathering or put up most people at your house. You have a lot going on already, and adding the task of cleaning and hosting guests to the mix is probably too much. Spend the extra money to rent part of a local restaurant and arrange for hotels, B&Bs, or even friends' houses for lodging. 

Putting these 4 suggestions into practice is sure to help you create the best weekend reunion for everyone...especially for yourself. Contact a company like Party People Rentals & Sales for more information and assistance. 


23 September 2017

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